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Questionnaire with analysis programme - 3 USD

Whichdog.com is right for me?

This isn’t an easy question when you think that there are 300 dog breeds.
The  average length of time spent with a dog is about  15 years,
so making a decision takes a lot of thought.

Our programme offer you advice about which 20 dog breeds
are the best for you!

We have prepared a questionnaire comprised of 60 questions.
Take your time to read the questions carefully before answering.

After sending us your questionnaire you should receive conformation
of receipt straight away.
You will also receive a registration number along with our account connection.
A charge of 3 USD will be made for this service
to cover costs. The amount is inclusive of 16% VAT.
Please transfer the money stating your name and registration number
to our account. (Bank or PayPal)

On receipt of payment you will receive as soon as possible
a list of twenty dog breeds which our system has chosen
for you as being the best suitable choice.
The 20 dog breeds will be chosen from 300 dog breeds in descending order.

Why not have a think about it? A puppy can set you back about
500 to 1000 USD. The cost of this selection process is relatively small
in comparison.

There is always a risk when choosing yourself that you might make
a choice based on looks or you could find the various dog breeds
a bit confusing.
This programme should be understood as an aid to making you aware
of dog breeds of interest to you which you might have otherwise overlooked.

Our programme works by a careful processing system where all the
pros and cons are carefully weighed and assessed.

Of course, we can simply give you suggestions
which you should think about before making a final decision.
You can find information about your chosen breeds described
in books, on the internet or you could talk to owners and
dog breeders at dog shows, for example.
We cannot take responsibility for what is, in the end, your decision.
In the end you have to have a certain feeling towards a dog.
It wouldn’t be right to choose one based on pure logic.
Perhaps you’ll not go for exactly one of the chosen breeds,
but one which belongs to the same

Still, its advisable to base your decision on enough valuable information,
which is where this programme can help you.

Please read our general terms and conditions

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Which dog breed is right for me?
Questionnaire with analysis programme!

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